How to Drive Safely During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. The exciting festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas in the cool blanket of winter are what we look forward to all year. Naturally, we all tend to get excited in the anticipation of the celebration. But as exhilarating as the festivities are, the season also poses a danger for drivers. […]

10 Ways to Prepare for Driving in the Winter

With winter comes severe weather, which can sometimes make driving extremely dangerous. Whether it be snow, ice, or a storm, it’s important to be prepared every time you plan on being on the road. Here are 10 ways to prepare for driving on the roads this winter. 1. Test Your Car Battery Before winter hits, […]

8 Fall Driving Dangers to Watch for

Being an adaptable driver year-round keeps you safe on the road, so as the leaves change colors, so should your driving habits as you ready yourself to tackle upcoming fall driving hazards. Here are nine unique road hazards you should pay attention to during autumns drives. Damp Roads Seasonal changes guarantee wetter weather. With it […]

15 Items You Should Have in Your Car Emergency Kit

Whether you’re planning a drive or road trip or just want to stay prepared, putting together an emergency car kit can often be the difference between being stranded or getting yourself on your way. It can also help to have a car emergency kit if you know you’ll be stranded for a night, especially if […]

6 Essential Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Finishing driving school and getting a driver’s license is a very exciting time in the life of a teenager. It can also be a very frightening time for their parents. Unfortunately, 4.4 percent of seventeen-year-olds and 4.7 percent of eighteen-year-olds are involved in crashes (the highest of any age group). The third week of October […]

6 Brake Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Receiving care and service for your brakes should be a part of your car’s routine maintenance. However, if you’ve been noticing issues with your brakes, you may be wondering how severe the issues at hand are. Luckily, your car is great at giving you signs when your brakes need attention. If you’ve noticed any of […]

5 Things to Mention to Your Tow Truck Service

The stress of your car or truck needing a tow can make anyone flustered and frustrated. This is especially true if you have gotten into an accident or broken down far from any familial support. No matter when or where you need a tow truck’s assistance to get your vehicle moving again, the tow truck […]

8 Signs that Your Car Needs New Tires

You may be noticing your car isn’t running as smoothly as it used to, but what you may not know is what is causing the issues. If you suspect your tires are older and might be the root of the problem, here are eight signs that you need to replace the tires on your car. […]

8 Mistakes to Avoid on a Road Trip

There is a sense of adventure about the open road; countless songs have been written about it and myriad novels romanticize it. The idea of grabbing a friend and a car and setting off with just a full tank of gas and the open road might sound appealing. But if you want to have your […]

6 Tips to Staying Awake During a Long Drive

Whether you’re on a road trip or hauling your belongings across state lines to your new home, driving continuously for long distances can be monotonous. You’ll fall asleep and get in a wreck if you aren’t careful. Here are some tips to ensure that the monotony doesn’t get the best of you, and you stay […]