15 Items You Should Have in Your Car Emergency Kit

Whether you’re planning a drive or road trip or just want to stay prepared, putting together an emergency car kit can often be the difference between being stranded or getting yourself on your way. It can also help to have a car emergency kit if you know you’ll be stranded for a night, especially if your car breaks down in some really terrible weather. It’s important to stay prepared for an emergency because you never know when one might hit you. If you’re not sure what to include in a car emergency kit, here are 15 great items to get you started.

1. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are great to have on hand because you can never predict when your car won’t start. When you get some jumper cables for your car emergency kit, make sure that you’re selecting ones with the right gauge for your car.

2. Reusable Glow Sticks or Roadside Flares

If your car breaks down at night, or worse—at night in stormy or snowy weather—it might be difficult for other drivers to see you. Having roadside flares or reusable glow sticks will help to make you noticeable to others, which creates a safety zone around yourself and your vehicle.

3. Flat Tire Inflation Canister

When you get a flat tire, having a flat tire inflation canister is a quick and temporary fix to get you to where you need to go. They work by sealing small punctures in your tire and providing enough inflation to get your car’s rim off the ground.

4. First Aid Kit

Emergencies happen, and it’s best to stay prepared for anyone getting injured by keeping a first aid kit in your car. Whether it’s something as small as a paper cut or maybe a larger, bleeding wound, having the proper supplies on hand can help fix the situation.

5. Car Escape Tool

Having a car hammer or seatbelt cutter within arm’s reach is extremely important. These items will allow you to cut your seatbelt off if you get stuck and break open your window, giving you a way to get out of your car in an emergency.

6. Flashlight and Batteries

Be sure to keep a flashlight on hand. While most smartphones come equipped with a flashlight, if your phone dies and you have no way of charging it, you’ll be thankful you kept some old-fashioned flashlights on hand—with batteries, of course.

7. Road Maps

Again, your phone could die, and you may not have a way to charge it. If you use your phone for GPS, then you’re in trouble. Always keep road maps with you, so that if this were to ever happen to you, you’d still be able to get to where you need to be.

8. Blankets

If you end up getting stuck in your car for a night, you’ll be thankful that you included blankets in your car emergency kit. These will not only keep you comfy, but in cold temperatures, especially at night, they can help keep you warm.

9. Clothing for Cold Temperatures

Just like blankets, it’s important to keep clothing on hand for cold temperatures, especially if you have to spend the night in your car. Keep things like gloves, hats, wool socks, scarves, boots, and jackets in your car to help keep yourself warm.

10. Non-Perishable Snacks

It’s also important that you have non-perishable snacks in your car. These will give you something to snack on if you ever have to spend the night in your car and miss a meal.

11. Rain Gear

Just like staying prepared for cold temperatures, you should stay prepared for harsh storms and rain. Keep rain boots, rain jackets, ponchos, and umbrellas in your car for emergencies.

12. Snow Scraper

Put a snow scraper in your emergency car kit as well. If you ever need to scrape off your car’s windows after it’s been sitting in a parking lot, this will come in handy and help keep you safe while driving.

13. Car Battery Charger

Sometimes your car battery may give out on you, which makes keeping a car battery charger in your car a lifesaver.

14. Cell Phone Charger

If you know you’ll be using your phone a lot while in the car for music or GPS, having a spare cell phone charger could really come in handy, especially if you’re on a road trip and your phone dies. This will ensure that you can always keep your phone charged while using your car.

15. Cash

Lastly, keeping $50 or $100 on hand in your car is never a bad idea. Keep the money in small bills in a safe location because you never know when you need cash in an emergency.

If your car breaks down, having these 15 items in your emergency car kit can not only help you get going, but they can help you survive if you’re forced to spend the night in your car. If your car does break down, you can always call in professionals to tow your car to a mechanic. This will help you quickly and safely get any issues fixed, then get you on your way. Next time you need a tow truck, call SG3 Towing & Recovery to quickly get to you at a great rate.