How to Drive Safely During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. The exciting festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas in the cool blanket of winter are what we look forward to all year. Naturally, we all tend to get excited in the anticipation of the celebration. But as exhilarating as the festivities are, the season also poses a danger for drivers. Harsh winter conditions with low visibility, icy roads, road closures, and everyone out on the road for some last-minute shopping make driving dangerous unless you’re very careful. Here are some tips to help you stay safe when you’re on the road this winter.

Leave Early

Holidays are busy, and everyone is in a rush. You’re excited to be with your loved ones, and you want to reach your destination on time. But you never know where you might face a traffic jam or roadblock. Leave early and map out alternative routes in case you need to change direction.

Do Not Drink and Drive

If you plan on drinking, do not plan on driving. Stay sober for the course of the drive or have a designated driver to avoid impaired driving.

Stay Alert

A well-rested driver is the best driver. Make sure you get ample rest before you head out. And remember to watch out for other cars; other drivers may be driving recklessly, and you’ll want to stay out of their way.

Don’t Speed

If you leave early and map your route, you do not need to rush. If you are running late, your safety is more important than making it on time. Remember the saying “better late than never.”

Plan for the Weather

Winter weather is unpredictable, and hazardous road conditions are a looming threat. Make sure you check the forecast before you leave, plan for the weather, and have alternative routes in case you face severe weather.

Watch out for Icy Roads

Low visibility and icy roads contribute to a great many accidents during winter. You want to be super careful when driving under these conditions; drive slowly and defensively and make sure there is ample distance between you and other cars. Never use cruise control in these conditions. Keep a soft foot on the gas, and when coming to a stop, apply the brakes slowly.

Fine-tune Your Vehicle

Winters are hard on vehicles, with all the ice on salt on the road. Check the vehicle fluids, battery, tires, and ensure they are working perfectly. You should always have ample gas in the car. Make sure you have all the tools and emergency supplies in your vehicle.

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