One of the most unique trailer designs on the open road today, the gooseneck trailer is certainly odd to look at. Electing to mount its weight on the top of a truck’s ball mount instead of directly behind like other trailers, it certainly appears more precarious racing at highway speeds. At SG3 Towing and Recovery, we know the secret behind the design, and we make the transportation of these trailers quick and affordable.

We have the equipment to securely transport your gooseneck trailer where it needs to go. No matter if you don’t have a vehicle that can tow your trailer or if you want professionals to deliver your trailer to its destination, we have you covered.


Gooseneck trailers are special for a variety of reasons, and we bet that you love working with yours. Ever wonder how gooseneck trailers work, and why they are better for trucks hauling heavy loads? Here are three advantages to owning and regularly using one:

1. Increased Stability

There is a reason for the curious gooseneck shape. With the weight resting downwards upon the truck instead of swinging from behind, gooseneck trailers provide drivers better stability, especially on twisting and winding roads. A bumper hitch trailer can be very dangerous in “swerving” situations, whereas gooseneck trailers apply the weight of their load onto the tires of the truck and to the road.

2. Better Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is always important for trailers. Bumper hitch trailers require a lot of maneuvering to make the journey safe for drivers, often providing only ten to fifteen percent of its weight to the vehicle. Gooseneck trailers offer twenty to twenty-five percent weight load on the truck. This lets the axles of these trailers take on more weight capacity without sacrificing any stability. This is especially important for fifth wheelers, as the uneven weight distribution of a camping trailer would make even experienced drivers nervous otherwise.

3. Rarely Stolen

This is less of a gooseneck trailer trait and more of a fortunate fact. Trailer thieves are less likely to target gooseneck trailers simply because most don’t have the necessary hook-ups to do so! A regular trailer can be hauled away by hooking it up to a chain or winch. As for a gooseneck trailer? Doing it that way would make it drag and scrape against the asphalt! Next time you’re in the market for a trailer, you might consider a gooseneck for this reason alone.


Based in St. George, Utah, SG3 Towing has the modern hardware to deliver gooseneck trailers all across southern Utah. From Cedar City to Las Vegas, we ensure your trailer gets from one place to the other at a reasonable rate. Our drivers are highly trained to service and deliver trailers of all makes and models, and gooseneck trailers are just one of our specialties.

Give SG3 Towing and Recovery a call today and schedule a delivery for your gooseneck trailer. We make towing and transportation simple, easy, and fast!