Heavy Duty Wreckers



When you need something a little more than regular towing, we can help you at SG3 Towing & Recovery in St. George, Utah. We offer several different types of towing, with heavy-duty wreckers being one of our strongest tow trucks available. Unlike our other towing services, heavy-duty wreckers can tow very large loads or vehicles. Whether you need help due to an accident, your vehicle has broken down, or you’re stuck in a ditch, our experienced drivers can help tow your large vehicle with our heavy-duty wreckers. Trust us at SG3 Towing & Recovery the next time you need heavy-duty towing!



Our heavy wreckers are designed to tow extremely large vehicles, so we can haul things like other tow trucks, box trucks, and more. Heavy wreckers are also great for RV towing and semi truck towing. We use our heavy wreckers to move disabled vehicles, whether you were in an accident or are having mechanical problems. We can transport your out-of-service vehicle from where it broke down to wherever you need it to be. Not only can we tow larger vehicles, but with our heavy wreckers, we can lift cargo off of a broken-down truck or trailer and move it onto another one. Our truck swap-outs, or load transfers, can help when cargo needs to reach a destination by a certain time. With our heavy wreckers, we can also help shift loads so that there isn’t too much weight on one area of a truck.

At SG3 Towing & Recovery, we also have the fastest response times in Southern Utah. No matter the reason you need a heavy-duty wrecker, you can count on us to get to you as quickly as possible. Whether you need our wreckers for heavy-duty towing or a load transfer, we can get to you at any time of the day with our 24-hour emergency services.



As a local St. George company, we know just how important it is to provide our customers with affordable pricing for our heavy-duty wreckers. But affordable pricing doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. We provide the highest-quality services to ensure your satisfaction with our towing every single time. No matter what type of job you need to have done, whether it’s easy towing or you’re in a tough-to-reach spot, you can count on us to give you the best prices in the area.



The next time you need heavy-duty towing in the St. George area, be sure to reach out to SG3 Towing & Recovery for our heavy wreckers. We don’t just serve St. George either—we cover all the way from Southern Utah to Las Vegas. With our expert heavy-duty wreckers, trust us to tow any large vehicle that has broken down or gotten into an accident. We’ll respond to your call as quickly as possible and always give you great rates. Contact us today for more information or to ask for a free quote.


No, heavy-duty wreckers do not mean heavy-duty towing. However, the two are directly related to each other. At SG3 Towing & Recovery, our heavy-duty wreckers are a type of tow truck that is used for heavy-duty towing. Heavy-duty wreckers are our strongest tow truck, which means they can tow things like RVs and semi trucks.
Our heavy-duty wreckers can transport thousands of pounds at once. This means they are capable of towing the largest of vehicles out of the tightest spots. Examples of vehicles that a heavy-duty wrecker can tow include RVs, tow trucks, industrial equipment, box trucks, farm vehicles, semi trucks, buses, garbage trucks, and even construction vehicles and equipment.
When you trust the experts at SG3 Towing & Recovery to tow your vehicle with one of our heavy-duty wreckers, you can rest assured that we won’t cause any damage to your vehicle. Whether your vehicle has broken down, gotten into an accident, or gotten stuck in a ditch, the condition that it is in when we arrive will be the same condition that it stays in when we deliver it to your destination. Our experts are always cautious and will treat your vehicle with care.
When you call us for a tow truck, we’ll ask for an honest assessment of your situation to figure out which tow truck best suits your needs. Sometimes even smaller cars can require a heavy-duty wrecker depending on the situation and location. Trust our expertise to know which type of tow truck is best for the job.

We offer our clients a variety of services fit for all of your needs. In addition to heavy-duty towing, we can do medium-duty, and light-duty towing. We’re also experts when it comes to trailer towing, RV towing, and off-road towing. No matter where your vehicle is located, our professional tow truck drivers can get you to where you need to be. We also offer several non-towing services, such as tire changes, fuel delivery, lockouts, and more!