What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down at Night

There’s no such thing as a good time for your vehicle to break down, but having it happen in the middle of the night is especially inconvenient. The darkness, fatigue, and other factors make dealing with car-related problems in these situations far from ideal.

In addition to the hassle, vehicle breakdowns after dark are more dangerous as well. Sitting on the road after dark without transportation is a vulnerable place to be, and since drivers aren’t expecting to see a person or vehicle on the side of the road, dangerous collisions are a possibility. Be sure to follow these two key tips to keep you safe and make the most of a tough situation.

Protect Yourself

The most important thing to do when experiencing car difficulties at any time of day is to make sure you’re safe. Pull over as far off the road as you can. Although frequent construction projects and varying landscapes can make this difficult, if you’re lucky, there will be a wide shoulder to the side of the road. Next, turn on your flashing hazard lights. In the dark, it can be extremely difficult to judge speed based on lights alone and, without the hazard lights, another driver may not realize your car isn’t moving until it’s too late.

Unless you’re sure you can fix your vehicle’s problem, such as changing a tire, it’s a better idea to wait for help to arrive rather than trying to diagnose the issue yourself. This way, you can wait in your vehicle and lock the doors to keep yourself safe. If you do decide to leave the vehicle, always exit the passenger door, even if you think it’s safe on the road.

Call for Help

Once you’ve safely pulled off the road, take a moment to figure out where you are. Luckily, modern-day technology usually makes it easy to pinpoint your exact location, since smartphones have GPS location services installed. You can also look around for landmarks or mile marker signs for additional context. Next, call a friend or family member to let them know what’s happened and where you are. Ideally, someone will be able to meet you where you are, wait with you until services arrive, and give you a ride home. Remember, if you feel unsafe or don’t know anyone nearby, it’s appropriate to call the police.

Next, call a towing company that’s open 24 hours a day. These companies are experienced in nighttime towing jobs and will meet you as quickly as possible. Since the chance of a vehicle collision is so high at night, it’s a good idea to get your car towed to somewhere safe to avoid the risk of an accident.

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