6 Tips to Staying Awake During a Long Drive

Whether you’re on a road trip or hauling your belongings across state lines to your new home, driving continuously for long distances can be monotonous. You’ll fall asleep and get in a wreck if you aren’t careful. Here are some tips to ensure that the monotony doesn’t get the best of you, and you stay clear-headed and on course.

A Caffeine Hit

When you feel you are starting to get a little drowsy, the easiest and quickest way to wake yourself up is to drink something with caffeine in it. Strong black coffee works best, but an energy drink or caffeine tablets can work in a pinch and make you instantly alert.

Snack Healthy

A healthy snack can give the metabolism a much-needed boost. Be careful when choosing your snack, though. A sugary snack will perk you up instantly, but that high is followed by a post-snack stupor that could be dangerous. Choose a snack that has a low sugar content and is high in protein; nuts, trail mix, and protein bars are a great snack because the energy release is slow and can sustain you for several hours.

Bring A Copilot

If it’s possible, bringing along a companion. They can help alleviate the boredom and hence the tendency to nod off. The two of you can shoot the breeze or listen to music or podcasts together. When the driving gets to be too much, you can switch with your partner so that neither of you has to bear the brunt of the exhausting drive.

Cool It

When you’re warm and toasty, you will feel like nodding off. Make sure the atmosphere in the car is just a few degrees below comfortable. Opening a window to get some fresh air will also help wake you up.


It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous; you are seated in a car, after all. Just some exaggerated facial expressions to wake up the facial muscles. Pursing your lips and then stretching them, opening your eyes really wide, and moving your jaw around are all good ways to do it. Clenching and releasing the muscles of different parts of your body, like the back, thighs, backside, and drumming and flexing your fingers can help get rid of fatigue and aches in the muscles.

Take a Break

When nothing else works, it may be time to get off the highway at the next rest area and grab some shut-eye. You can just rest your eyes for a few minutes—power naps can really freshen a person up. Or you can splash some water on your face and walk around for a little while till you feel ready to get on the road again.

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